What millennials want from your brand

What do millennials want from brands? Luckily for you, I'm one of two people at OPELLO™ who are part of this club of over two billion worldwide. 

I guess the best place to start is to define who we are. Car Throttle CEO and fellow millennial Adnan Ebrahim called us a generation 'full of optimism, compulsively checking phones and consuming news and entertainment via multiple social platforms, blogs and apps'. Pretty spot on, actually.

how not to appeal to the millennial generation 

We don't trust advertisements

"In 20 years of using the Internet, I don’t think I’ve ever clicked on a banner ad."

- my flatmate and possibly 99% of millennials

Traditional advertising has very little effect on me. It definitely doesn’t influence my buying habits in the slightest. I'm comfortable saying that I’m practically immune to it. If you want to attract me, get my friends or favourite social influencers talking about your brand. Simples.

This shouldn't be news to you either. Data has been gathered proving more than 88% of consumers consult reviews when buying online.

Be transparent and stand for something

Really didn't want to use the word 'authentic' because now its thrown around brightly lit, exposed brick offices like the latest cat meme. So here's a new word for you: transparency. Your brand doesn't have to be polished, it just needs to feel real and purposeful.  

Why? Millennials are inherently skeptical and question the authenticity of content regularly. A Global State of Content study Adobe released in December 2015, found 61% of U.S. consumers question whether even a news article is biased, let alone a branded marketing post.

The desire to “give back” is a strong trait of ours so to be able to interact with brands that not only share our values, but also are a force majeure in the community is a bonus. Providing us with ways to individually contribute to people and the planet, brands can show they stand for something larger than themselves will easily attract the millennial crowd. Remember, it has to be *ahem* authentic.

We're talking to you, stupid

A great thing about social media is that it’s particularly difficult to play dumb. Millennials will know you see our messages, comments and photo posts. We know you can see when you’re mentioned, tagged or liked so don't fool yourself into the belief that you can hide behind your social media profile. Take the opportunity to engage with us, interacting at every available stage. This doesn't mean respond to every single notification, but you try not to ignore them all either.

Be relevant

Now this doesn’t mean every social post has to include the trending hashtag or phrase (in fact, it’s probably better to avoid for the most part). It also doesn’t mean you have like everything millennials like. What it does mean however, is that you produce content that lines up with our needs, wants and goals.

Show me you care

Everything else on this list plays into this. The best thing your business can do to for your brand is prove you’re more concerned with providing something of value instead of trying to make a quick buck. If you’re going to tell people that your product will truly make their lives better, then you need to believe that as well, and then show them you believe it.

Have anything to add to the list? Share it in the comments and help us make the world a clutter-free place.

Posted by Richard Etienne.