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OPELLO™ Creative Director Richard speaking with the press

OPELLO™ Creative Director Richard speaking with the press

Yesterday I was witness to a terrifying incident that has been widely publicised in the world's media - in print, on radio, on TV and online. I want you to know that I am safe and doing well. More importantly, I want to let you know that the unfortunate victim of this attack is recovering well in hospital and the alleged attacker has been arrested by police.

I retold my eyewitness account to British Transport Police and several media outlets following my initial tweet to alert my fellow Londoners of the potential threat of danger in my surrounding area.

I chose to speak with the press because I wanted people to know how terrifying an event like this can be for a person carrying on with their normal day. To recall how calm, together and heroic my fellow passengers behaved on a moving train while the alleged attack was occurring. To tell of how much faith it gave me in humanity, in Londoners.

As this part of my interview was not played or retold in any of the media outlets I spoke with, I am writing this today to let you know my feelings, in my own words. 

“People are almost always better than their neighbours think they are.”
- George Elliot (Mary Ann Evans) - Middlemarch
Posted by Richard Etienne.