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On OPELLO’s About Us page you will read a thought-provoking challenge that is given to all of our clients. It goes like this:

If your loved one had to describe your brand in one sentence what would they say?

It would be somewhat remiss of us not to undergo a similar exercise ourselves, so (thanks to our PR expert Polly Pearce) we were pressed to provide our personal brand straplines in 30 seconds. The hope is that you find inspiration from these to then produce your own.

Richard, Chief Consultant

Building the courage to fly since 1984.

"As ambiguous a statement that may be what it means to me personally is strong in both context and presence. It tells of a lengthy battle against fear and self-doubt to become my own boss and help many others in a similar position break through and let their voice be heard."

Chanelle Victor, Communications

Rediscovering life from a creative standpoint.

"Transitioning from a one-dimensional life to one with a multitude of creativity. Conscious to appreciate the value of life and apply my imagination to make each day unique. Instead of walking, why not fly?"

Polly Pearce, PR

You CAN have it all.

Carlina George, HR

Putting the human back into Human Resources.

There's much we can glean from hearing the ambitions of the people closest to us.

There's much we can glean from hearing the ambitions of the people closest to us.

Raphael O'selle, Design

A reflective guy, trying to think outside the mirrored box.

"Each time I try to escape the overtly simple categorisation of my abilities as a designer, I find myself in a trance of self-reflection and ironically sitting within a box I've made for myself. Confusing? Welcome to my world."

Okay, now over to you... 

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Posted by Richard Etienne.