Day in the life of a Brand Consultant

At the top of 2016 I chose to forego the full-time, office working life in favour of a full-time, self-employed life of a brand consultant. But as someone bluntly asked me about 6 months in: what does a brand consultant do? I just figured it was a self–explanatory role for so long I didn’t have an immediate answer.  

So today I will talk you through a typical day of mine and let you come to your own conclusion.

07:00 - Wake up

I've tried the 6am thing a few times and it's not for me. I know all the billionaires will roll their eyes at me, but hey, I'm not an early riser. Never have been.

Nope. Not even this could get me up at 6am

Nope. Not even this could get me up at 6am

07:30 - Data check

After breakfast I check web analytics from the past week using Google Analytics. Here I discover what content was most popular, where the majority of web traffic is coming from and what can I do to capitalise on this information.

A word on emails responses
I've noticed I only respond to emails at two periods throughout the day. 11am and 4pm. This way I can bulk respond instead of being distracted from my daily task. It also creates a healthy habit among my most fervent contacts, who now know the best time to contact me to get a near immediate response.

11:30 - Gym

Good to see the January rush is in full swing.

Good to see the January rush is in full swing.

It's important to exercise the body which, in turn, fuels the mind. I currently follow my brother's Hypertrophy workout - high reps, medium intensity. See if its something for you.

13:30 - Meeting

Today I am meeting with a PR agency to find out which brands on their books could benefit from a brand consultant (also referred to as an 'ambassador') to create visual content for their social media channels. This particular agency has a strong presence in the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) and adult drinks market.

15:00 - Editing

I put the finishing touches to an online course created by IT company Career Sharp that I directed and filmed the previous week. I have my WhatsApp web window open on a separate screen to keep an open dialogue with Career Sharp founder and Chief Lecturer Bolaji Olatoye throughout. It's important to make clients feel as though they are very much part of the creation process.

19:45 - Networking

Arrive at members club The Library in Piccadilly Circus to partake in Success Talks, a monthly event founded by visionary Dennis Owusu-Sem, which aims to help inspire professionals and entrepreneurs strengthen their personal brand.

This month's event welcomed guest speaker 3-time Olympian, GB record holder and 400m World Champion Christine Ohuruogu, MBE. After her talk, Christine and I privately discuss her 'visualisation' technique and how she manages to maintain such calm when a microphone and camera is shoved in her face literally seconds after she crosses a finish line. We both agree it's akin to Beyonce's 'singing and dancing at the same time' prowess.

Chrissy and me. Teeth whitening strips not included.

Chrissy and me. Teeth whitening strips not included.

22:00 - Queue social media for the following day

This will consist of highlights from today's activities along with associated blogs from both my company website and other sites my followers and I enjoy checking out. Satirical show Have I Got News For You plays in the background on BBC iPlayer - and so begins my wind-down process.

23:30 - Bed

Here I mentally list my accomplishments of the day, assess what I could've improved and check my diary for what awaits me tomorrow.


Posted by Richard Etienne.