The most overlooked thing on social media

Oh that's a lovely plate. Look at it. All shiny, clean and porcelain. Totally loving the fact I'm being served a plate like this in such a beautiful restaurant. All these people are looking at me admirably and...wait a min...

...where's the food??

I'm hungry just looking at this

I'm hungry just looking at this

Meat 'n' Gravy

Often we hear people asking, 'how do you manage to have so many followers on Twitter', 'how is your Facebook page getting so much attention' and other similar questions. While there is little doubt that there are multiple factors behind the perceived success of a social media profile, the one thing that is often overlooked is the importance of what people in London call 'the meat n gravy': content.

So what is “creating the right content”? Is it just a fad? Does it actually mean anything, or is it just a cool-sounding buzzword? Could it actually help you achieve your objectives? And if so, how?

Keep up

Like many other organisations, your business might just be battling with the flood of constant change that is already throwing a spanner in the works for your current social media strategies. Throw on top of this social BBQ rapid changes in diversity, forthcoming technology trends, daily and changing media behaviours, and you have a brand new way consumers want their information served.

Consequently, it has become increasingly important to engage your followers or fans with quality content that is both meaningful and relevant.

What to serve

Content on social media can be in many forms: a gif, an infographic, a video, an image or a blog post. Even what you write as the most basic update or tweet is content. The important factor here is to make sure that whatever content you share is engaging enough with your consumer, is beneficial for your target audience and drives the message you wish to convey to your audience affectively.

Another very important thing to keep in mind while creating your content is quality over quantity. Bombarding your audience with information can be tiresome and frustrating for them and is bound to push them to move elsewhere. Similarly posting content that is not engaging enough, is not meaningful or is too less will also drive them away. Thus the need of the fine balance between how much and quality of your content becomes even more important.

Finally, tailoring your content according to the need of every social media platform you use cannot be undermined. One size does not fit all and cloning your content across channels is only going to cause more harm than good. After all, the content for Snapchat cannot be the same as the content for blog posts.

Take away thoughts

It would be safe to say that as a brand or businesses we need to focus on understanding our audience and their needs while producing content that will drive engagement they will truly enjoy. Only this way can you have an audience that will truly advocate and discuss your brand positively and engagingly.


Posted by Richard Etienne.