4 Ways to Build Brand Endurance

1. Know thy self

Category: Muscle Building

Just like us humans, each brand has it’s own personality. Brand personality is a set of distinct human characteristics associated with a product, service, or company. In short, these are the adjectives that are used to describe your brand. 

Humanising your brand allows your customers to easily and consistently relate to experiences with your brand. They begin to form an overall concept of what to expect from your brand. Much like human personality, brand personality is built over time. 

OPELLO Likes: This brand adjective builder was something we used to shape our desired brand personality.

2. Know thy audience

Category: Cardio, Weight Loss

“If you try to be everything to everyone, you’ll be nothing to no one.” 

Make sure you’ve clearly defined your ideal customer. Who are you talking to? What type of audience would you like your brand to attract? What makes them unique? Successful brands are focused. They’re not trying to be all things to all people.


3. Know thy strength  

Category: Bulk up

In what unique ways do your products or services impact your customers? How does this differ from your competitors? Consider how you might highlights these key differentiators in your marketing.

Be careful not to pile on too much weight. You can provide the best offering, the cheapest offering, or the most comprehensive offering, but you cannot provide all three.

4. Know thy appearance

Category: Maintain good form

Think about your brand as a whole. It should be represented consistently across all customer touch points – from the copy in your brochure, to the visuals on your website, and even the language you use when talking to customers. Your brand message should be organised and consistent, helping to grow and build your brand.

In conclusion, evaluating your brand personality, your ideal customer, your key differentiators, and your brand’s consistency are tools you can use regularly to keep your brand “fit” year after year. 

So what’s the verdict? How fit is your brand? Leave your comments below.

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Posted by Richard Etienne.