3 killer interview questions to help land your dream job

Once you've landed an interview courtesy of your beautifully written CV (especially if it's from our design team), now is the time to maintain the momentum that got you through the door. One of the toughest parts of the process is when an employer asks you what questions you have.

Don't be lulled into a false sense of security here; just because you're the one asking the questions, it doesn't mean you're not being judged. Don't waste your questions on operational things like pay day and working hours (you can ask these in an email to HR afterwards). Above all, do not decline the offer to take this opportunity. This is your chance to show how engaged and on-the-pulse you are, so think big.

Yes you, Hans...

Yes you, Hans...

Liz Ryan, a careers writer at Forbes, suggests these three questions that could work in any context: 

1. What items are on your hot list, the things you most want and need to have completed and off your plate three months from now?

2. What is the biggest goal for your department this year, and how would I as a new team member contribute to that goal?

3. What is the biggest problem you’re looking to hire someone to solve for you?

These words will frame the kind of relationship you will want from a prospective employer. Liz continues:

Remember, you’re an equal partner with your prospective boss in the hiring decision, not a supplicant. A job interview is a time and place to see whether you have a good match, or not. You are perfect for the right situation and have nothing to apologise for or stress over in your CV or in yourself. You are completely perfect, right now. Only the people who get you, deserve you!"

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Posted by Richard Etienne.